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Gary brings to every client’s home loan transaction the expertise gained over 33 years in the mortgage business. A basic first step to get you started is pulling a tri-merge mortgage credit report; once the results are back, Gary can evaluate your needs and will present you with the mortgage programs available to you. He will help you consider your options so you can focus on making an informed decision that meets your needs. If for whatever reason you don’t qualify for a mortgage now, Gary will advise you on what you can do to put yourself in a position to accomplish your mortgage goals as soon as possible. Give Gary a call today to get started with your mortgage loan process!

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Loan Officer
NMLS: 109226
Licensed in: Washington State

  • Gary was very knowledgeable and super helpful. If i had any questions or concerns he would get right back to me with an answer. He is a straight talker and I felt no pressure. Thank you for all your help Gary!  -Shirley S
  • Great experience!! Gary was a pleasure to work with. -
    Jake E.
    Gary Blacken